Tantra is a unique form of bodywork which uses conscious touch to ignite the creative energy in this full body naturalist massage.

When the sexual/creative energy is awakened, it becomes a heady and blissful experience as the energy is massaged to every part of the body resulting in full body sensual pleasure.

It is the ultimate experience in pleasure and relaxation but it also has very powerful healing qualities. Thoughts, feelings and emotions are released during the massage bringing realizations and insights to the forefront of your awareness so they can be acknowledged and released in a sensual and pleasurable way.

It is rejuvenating, revitalizing and often leaves one with a sense of well being for several days afterwards. Tantra Massage is a process of delving into your inner most feelings, a journey through the cosmos … through emotions and blissful awareness.

Truly receiving a Tantric massage, you are becoming a sexual and sensual being without going into fantasy. It deepens your awareness of being touched and aroused, being in the present moment, being alive.

Receiving a tantric massage you are invited to simply receive and enjoy the experience. It is about you, your pleasure, your journey, your experience.

As human beings, we have a limitless capacity to experience pleasure and bliss. The more we connect with our breath, our body and our creative/sexual energy, the more expansive, connected and joyful we become.

Tantra massage is potentially a powerful and life changing experience..